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Transparent Relevancy
Transparent Relevancy

Take control of your relevancy rules and customize field weights.

Easy Integration
Easy Integration

Make everything you want, available on your search results.

Search Filters
Search Filters

Ease visitors access to what they want by filtering on document type, price or published date.

Phrase Match
Phrase Match

Match whole phrase, partial phrase or both at the sametime.

Meet latest advancements in search technology

WooCommerce Support

Make your online shop products available on search.

bbPress Support

Enable search and discovery in forums, topics and replies.

Elementor Compatibility

Design the user experience of search using Elementor.

Voice Search

Ease searching more than ever by search without typing.

Query Analytics

Analyze your user search behavior, see most queried, last queried, and search per day chart.

Media Search

Deliver relevant media as search result on your websites.

Document File

Search Inside Document files like Doc, Docx, PDF, PPTP, XLSX, ... files.

Sort Result

Offer sorting results based on relevancy, published date and price in search page.

Flexible Design

Serve your users the best design on search, feel free to customize by your own.

Incredible Fast

Engage your visitors with frictionless search experiences.

Cloud Service

Run your search on cloud servers which are accessible as long as internet is working.

Cross Platform

Bring the power of search to your application, regardless the platform and stack.

Chili Search is an AI-Powered Search plugin for WordPress which helps your user to dive into your website faster and scan it deeper and easier.
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