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Power up discovery of Posts, Pages, Media, WooCommerce and bbPress using our AI-Powered Search Engine.

How does it work?

Chili Search replaces your website’s default search
with a lightning fast, full-ajax, Fuzzy and accurate search.

Global Integrations

Search between Posts, Pages, Media, WooCommerce products, bbPress forums and topics as soon as you start typing.

Fast, Fuzzy and Accurate

By the use of cloud technologies and AI computations on Documents, we provide a fast, Fuzzy, accurate and reliable search solution.

Increase Sales and Visits

Guide your website visitors, boost sales, increase conversions and help your visitors to find what they are looking for.

Say Hello to the next generation of AI Powered search on your website!

Chili Search bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your website’s search and provides an amazing search accuracy.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chili Search understands human language and uses it to analyze and process the documents.

Query Understanding

Chili Search extracts semantic meaning from the searcher’s keywords to provide semantic search.

Boost your sales, maximize your user visits!

Chili Search is focused on helping your visitors find what they are looking for. Hence we provide:

Frictionless Search Experiences

Regardless of the number of documents you have, we provide an incredibly fast search on your website backed by our cloud servers.

Global Integrations

You can manage to make your Posts, Pages, Media, WooCommerce products, bbPress forums and topics discoverable on your search.

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Chili Search is an AI-Powered Search plugin for WordPress which helps your user to dive into your website faster and scan it deeper and easier.
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